Flaga wyścigowa

The highest quality product. Racing flags on an aluminum mast. The handle is made of anodized aluminum.
The toughest solution used on racetracks around the world.
The flag is made of certified polyester material 120g.
We can make any print and personalize the flag.

Chequered flagChequered flag
Shown at the start/finish line indicating end of the session – either after scheduled time or in the race to the winner and every following driver.

Yellow flagYellow flag
Shown at one or multiple following posts indicates danger in that part of the circuit and potential need to slow down or stop the car. Also indicates caution periods when displayed at every post (full-course yellow).

Green flagGreen flag
Allows to join the track, indicating it is safe to drive. Also shown at the first post after yellow flag zone.

Red flagRed flag
Indicates session stoppage, requiring drivers to exit the track.

Blue flagBlue flag
Shown to a driver to inform of a faster car which is about to lap him or is on its fast lap. Also shown to drivers joining the track if other cars are about to pass them at speed.

Yellow and red-striped flagYellow and red-striped flag
Shown at one place indicates that track might be slippery or there are debris.

Black and orange flagBlack and orange flag
Shown to a driver whose car is damaged and might me dangerous, requiring him to pit for repairs.

Black and white flagBlack and white flag
Shown to a driver who received a warning for unsporting behaviour.

Black flagBlack flag
Shown to a driver who is disqualified, requiring him to retire from the session.

White flagWhite flag
Shown at one place indicating slowly moving vehicle on the track.